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Terms & Conditions

購買前, 請留意以下事項: 

Please note the followings before purchase:

  1. 您所購買的 mp3 檔案將會傳送到你的電郵信箱, 你可以在72小時內下載該mp3 檔案。

  2. 如你想使用無線電話聆聽mp3檔案, 你需要使用電腦把mp3檔案轉載至無線電話。

  3. 請尊重本中心之版權, 請勿擅自轉發mp3檔案給別人使用。

  4. 購買後, 費用不予退回。

  1. Your purchased mp3 files will be delivered to your email address and you can download the mp3 files within 72 hours.

  2. If you want to listen to the mp3 files using a mobile phone, you need to use a computer to transfer the mp3 files to your mobile phone. 

  3. Please respect the copyright of our center, please do not share the mp3 files with others without permission.

  4. The payment would not be refund after purchase.

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