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Mindfulness Songs


Let's breathe, listen and sing mindfully. Let the melody and lyrics bring your body and mind back to the present moment. 


Please read the terms of conditions carefully before purchase. 

「傾聽傾聽」專輯收錄了12首梅村的正念歌曲 (英文及中文), 讓你找到喜悅和平安。

Find joy and peace in 12 Plum Village mindfulness songs (English & Chinese) in the "Listen Listen" album.

「步步平安」專輯收錄了12首梅村的正念歌曲(英文), 讓美妙的旋律滋養你的身心

Let the 12 Plum Village mindfulness songs (English) in the "Peace is every step" album nourish your body and mind

鳴謝: 感恩Ken Li 為「步步平安」專輯作出美妙的吉他演奏

Acknowledgements: Thanks Ken Li for offering his beautiful guitar accompaniment for the "Peace is every step" album 

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